Product Description

AMC TH400 for two wheel drive passenger car. AMX, Javelin, Rebel, Marlin, Ambassador. I got this with a bunch of AMC parts from someone that owned two Javelins. He got this from some other AMC guy and did not know what the story was behind it. I have seen this before. I think it’s a TH400 out of a Jeep and the transfer case and out put shaft removed and a short shaft and housing put in it’s place so it can be used in a non Jeep application. Also, when you do this you have to have the speedo cable hold machined out for your speedo boss. It appears, that it has been taken care of. You have to do that because on a Jeep the speedo comes off the transfer case. I know this because I used to sell the short shaft and case as a kit for doing this to a TH400. The vacuum modulator looks like it needs to be replaced. It looks damaged from being pushed around in some ones shop for years. I am selling this for less then the machine work and parts would cost if you are thinking of doing this procedure.